The General settings of Post Views Counter contain essential options for how the plugin works with particular attention to the methods of counting them, the type of content counted and the types of visitors whose visits will be taken into account. Post Types Count This option allows you to specify what types of posts will […]


The Post Views Counter display settings contain options that allow you to control in a detailed and precise way when, where and how the number of page views will be displayed to site visitors. Views Label Views Label allows you to customize the text label that appears alongside the view count displayed on the website. […]


The Reports page in Post Views Counter allows you to easily and flexibly obtain information on the popularity of different types of content on the site over a given time period and export this data in universal XML and CSV file formats. Reports Chart & Table The Reports page consists of two main parts: 1. […]


The Other page contains additional settings and tools related to the plug-in’s important functionalities, such as a license key for the Pro version or importing the number of page views from plugins or themes. License Here you can enter your Post Views Counter Pro license key. Once you enter the key and click Save Changes, […]

Dashboard Widgets

The Post Views Counter plugin has a multi-functional widget located in the WordPress dashboard. This widget allows you to easily and quickly learn basic data about your site’s visits such as Site Views, Post Views, Top Posts, Popular Search, Term Views and Top Users. Each widget uses daily page view statistics presenting them separately for […]