The Other page contains additional settings and tools related to the plug-in’s important functionalities, such as a license key for the Pro version or importing the number of page views from plugins or themes.


Here you can enter your Post Views Counter Pro license key. Once you enter the key and click Save Changes, it will attempt to activate the license for your site. If the activation is successful you will see a green checkmark on the right side.

Note that if you do not have the Pro version installed and enabled this field will be disabled.

Menu Position

With this option, you can easily specify from which location in the WordPress admin panel you want to access the plugin. This can be either the Top menu, so you can access the plugin quickly and from anywhere in the admin, or a Settings submenu, hidden and accessible only if needed.

Import Views

The Import Views option allows you to import view count data from other sources or plugins into the Post Views Counter system. This feature is particularly useful for those who are transitioning to Post Views Counter from a different view count plugin, theme or tracking system and wish to retain their historical data.

Very often the number of views is stored in the meta table. Post Views Counter does not use the WordPress meta table to write and read the number of views. This is to optimize the speed of operation and minimize the amount of database resources used. Therefore, if the tool you have been using so far has been recording the number of views in this way, they must be imported. This is made possible specifically by the Import Views feature.

It consists of two parts: the metadata key name field and the Import Views button. If you know that the data on the number of views so far has been stored in metadata, you can specify the key from which Post Views Counter will try to import the data. Clicking Import Views starts the process of importing the data.

During the import, all records in the database containing such a key will be read and transferred to the system used by Post Views Counter. The figures found will be stored as total views – the sum of the number of views of a given post.

Delete Views

The Delete Views option allows you to irreversibly delete all views data stored in the database. Use it only if you want to completely reset all collected data.


If this option is checked when the plugin is deactivated, all tables created by Post Views Counter in the database will be permanently deleted. Use this with caution.