The Post Views Counter display settings contain options that allow you to control in a detailed and precise way when, where and how the number of page views will be displayed to site visitors.

Views Label

Views Label allows you to customize the text label that appears alongside the view count displayed on the website. This way you can tailor the wording to fit the style or language of their site, making it possible to present the view count in a way that resonates more effectively with your audience.

Views Period pro

This option determines the data from which period will be used when displaying the number of visits to site visitors. By adjusting this, as a site administrator you can customize the display of the number of poge views to better suit the nature of your content or the purposes for which you are displaying this data. For example, displaying daily views may be useful for a site with frequently updated content, while total views may be more appropriate for sites with low traffic.

Note that this setting does not affect the view counts displayed in the admin panel – it is for the front end of the site only.

Display Style

The Display Style option  allows youto customize how the view count is presented on the website. You can choose whether you want the view count to be displayed with a specific icon next to the number, as plain text, or using both an icon and text for a more visually appealing presentation.

Icon Class

This option determines which CSS class and therefore which icon will be displayed along with the number of views. Post Views Counter has automatic support for WordPress icons – Dashicons. All you have to do is enter one of the CSS classes available here and the plugin will take care of the rest. You can also use any CSS class to take advantage of other icon libraries you use on your site.

Display Position

The Display Position option allows you to specify where on your site the number of views will be displayed in relation to the content. This gives you flexibility in positioning the display of the display count – you can choose before content, after content or manual display. In any case, the display is done with the [post-views] shortcode and that’s what you should use if you want to display the number of views manually.

Display Page

This option allows you to specify, regardless of the types of content, on which type of pages the number of visits should be displayed. You can choose one or more of the following:  Home, Archives, Single pages, Search results

Note that this option is highly dependent on the template you are using, so it may happen that not all types are automatically supported.

User Types

By default, all visitors to your site can see the number of visits of a given content. With the User Types option, you can change this behavior and specify for which type of users the number of visits will be hidden. The following options are available: Logged in Users, Guests and Selected User Roles.

Format Number

Post Views Counter automatically supports formatting large numbers with separators (such as commas or periods) to improve readability. For example, instead of displaying “1000”, the plugin can display “1,000” or “1 000” depending on the format used in your WordPress installation. With this option, if for some reason you don’t need this functionality or it generates problems, you can disable formatting.

Toolbar Chart

Toolbar Chart option enables the display of a chart or graph in the WordPress admin toolbar that visually represents the view counts of posts views over a selected time period. This feature provides a quick and convenient way for website administrators to monitor site engagement and content performance directly from the toolbar, without the need to navigate to a separate analytics page or section within the WordPress dashboard.

Post Types

This option within the Display settings of the Post Views Counter allows you to select for which of the registered post types (e.g., posts, pages, custom post types) the view counts should be displayed on.

Taxonomies pro

If available, this option within the Display settings of the Post Views Counter allows you to select for which of the registered taxonomies (e.g., categories, tags, custom taxonomies) the view counts should be displayed on.

Authors pro

If available, this option within the Display settings of the Post Views Counter allows you to enable the view counts display in the Author Archive pages.