The Post Views Counter plugin has a multi-functional widget located in the WordPress dashboard. This widget allows you to easily and quickly learn basic data about your site’s visits such as Site Views, Post Views, Top Posts, Popular Search, Term Views and Top Users.

Each widget uses daily page view statistics presenting them separately for each month. If you want to be able to compare data from month to month make sure that the “Cleanup Interval” option is set to store data for more than 30 days.

Site Views pro

The Site Views widget presents the most general information about the number of views of your site. It includes only the types of content on your site that are counted and the total number of views for your entire site. This gives you an idea of the level of traffic you have on the site and its dynamics.

Dashboard Widgets - Site Views

Post Views

Post Views this contains a graphical representation of the most visited post types on your site. It is displayed in the form of a dynamic chart showing individual post type names and the total views of them – by clicking on individual post type names you can hide or add them to the view.

Dashboard Widgets - Post Views

Top Posts

The Top Posts widget is in the form of a list and contains a collection of the most popular individual posts or pages (including custom post types). For users who have the ability to edit a post, it is presented in the form of a link, for the rest in the form of plain text.

Dashboard Widgets - Top Posts

Popular Search pro

Popular Search is a unique type of widget. If your site contains a search engine and you have the Other Count option enabled in the Settings, each unique phrase searched by users will be stored in the database and counted by Post Views Counter as if it were a separate post. This makes it possible to present the most searched phrases in this widget.

Dashboard Widgets - Popular Search

Term Views pro

If you have enabled Taxonomy counting, you will find the Term Views widget useful. In a similar chart form to Post Views, you will find all the taxonomy types you have included in the count, such as Categories, Tags and Custom Taxonomies. The data in the widget includes the number of archive views for each of these taxonomy terms.

Dashboard Widgets - Term Views

Top Users pro

If you are counting information about visits to user archives you will find a list of the most popular authors here. The data presented in the form of a list includes the display names of your website users along with the number of views sorted from most to least visited.

Dashboard Widgets - Top Users