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Total Views
Total Views
Gives you the sum of all the individual visits, or interactions that occur across the entire website. This includes views of all web pages, posts, archives, categories, tags, and any other content or elements on the site.
Author Views
Author tracking allows you to see how many views each of your blog’s authors archive are receiving.
Taxonomy Views
Learn the views data for your content taxonomies to determine which categories or terms are the most engaging for your website visitors.
Extended Dashboard Widget
The Extended Dashboard Widget offers you immediate access to Total Content Views, Popular Search results, Terms and Author archives at the moment you log in to your WordPress dashboard.
Dedicated Reports Page
Shows you stats that pinpoint which content receives the most visits, enabling you to make data-driven decisions and produce content that attracts greater traffic.
Export to CSV/XML
An export feature allows you to download your website views data in a widely used Comma-Separated Values (CSV) or XML file format.
Fast AJAX Mode
Fast AJAX gives you an exceptionally efficient counter mode that requires minimal server resources and can be scalable and suitable for handling view counting on high-traffic websites.
Data Storage Options
You can have control over how the visits data is stored and accessed and decide between cookie and cookieless data storage, that is generally considered more privacy-friendly.
Object Cache Optimization
Helps you optimize the performance of view counting operations by storing and retrieving view count data in memory, reducing the reliance on database queries.

What people say

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It’s the solution I was looking for. A simple privacy-friendly visit counter that allows me to keep track of audience interest.
I really love this plugin. I love how one can keep records of the total number of views on Posts… It helps me keep a record of my Progress. I appreciate the good work. Thank you.
This plugin has allowed me to, at a glance, see how many people have viewed the articles, as well as letting my readers know as well. Love it
I like how this integrates with the existing Posts table, giving me live feedback without relying on a 3rd party analytics cookie/js.
Easy to use and finally a counter that counts ALL visitors. Only members signed in can see the count. Very Nice!
Convenient plugin. I like the possibility to display a counter only to selected groups of users (like admins), and view statistics on WP Posts page, with ability to sort posts by views.
The Post Views Counter truly gives a fair metric. I also compare it with Google Analytics Report.
Nice to see a plugin that works as expected. Highly recomended.
I installed this plugin for a client site with multiple custom posts, it works great.

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